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Expanding domestic demand set-top box business turned to the domestic market

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The end of 2008, the global financial turmoil appeared layoffs and closure of budget cuts ...... the economic crisis is still raging in 2009, China's economy is full of great uncertainty. The impact of the financial crisis on all walks of life continue in-depth, one of the issues discussed is being held in two sessions, the delegates also how to stimulate domestic demand as well as how to spend the global economic crisis. In this precarious market, set-top box business face rainbow night.
Weight: set-top box exports hit freezing
Recently, the European Union officially announced the "simple set-top boxes eco-design requirements, will directly affect the set-top box products export value of nearly 100 billion yuan RMB in China. It is understood that the EU requirements "set-top box energy consumption limits standby can not exceed 1.00W active can not exceed 5.00W, which will allow the increase in the manufacturing cost of the large number of set-top box manufacturers, exports adversely affected. At present, China has become the world's largest set-top box exporting countries, 70% of the products are for export, accounting for more than half of global exports. At the same time, China also has a complete set-top box industry chain and huge production groups, with an annual output of more than 50 million set-top boxes, and an average annual rate of more than 50% of the high-speed growth.
According to the State Customs import and export statistics, exports set-top box satellite set-top boxes and terrestrial set-top boxes, there is a small amount of cable set-top boxes. The main destination for exports in the first half of 2008 in the United States, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, India and Germany, respectively, of total exports 39.4%, 6.4%, 6.2%, 5.9% and 5.5%. Satellite TV set-top boxes 55.7% of total exports, accounting for 44.8% of the total exports.
According to the survey, such as to meet EU standards, it is estimated that each product shall be increased about 1 to 2 euros manufacturing costs, the additional cost is equivalent to about 10% of the sales price. At present, China's set-top box products to low-end, the incremental costs that will greatly increase the burden on enterprises. This will give the relevant set-top box business in the Pearl River Delta and even export satellite set-top box to bring a lot of business. But on the other hand, we can see that exports set-top box satellite set-top boxes and terrestrial set-top boxes, and the two set-top boxes is not much original in the domestic market share, but after the 2009 broadcast satellite launch booster every village pass and the development of digital terrestrial television, satellite set-top boxes, terrestrial set-top boxes in the domestic market space has just begun. The author believes that turned to the domestic market, will be the best choice for this type of set-top boxes enterprises are facing.
The second: the domestic set-top box market is hot again
2008, China Digital TV overall conversion progress, start digital terrestrial television, direct broadcast satellite was successfully launched, the first batch of every village set-top boxes tender is complete, with the accelerated process of digitization, digital TV industry, especially the set-top box market in China to enter the fast development.
Cable digital TV set-top boxes, in 2008, China's sales of set-top box market ushered in rapid development, throughout the year, the Chinese market were sold in a set-top box 22,241,000, an increase of 68.6%. Cable digital TV users in China has exceeded 45 million. However, compared to over 150 million cable television subscribers in scale, large enough user base and support cable set-top box to maintain the order of 20 million in the next 4-5 years. The same time, more than one machine the proportion rising year by year, which will also bring some of the sales growth momentum. 2009 to 2010, the overall conversion of digital television will be completed, the number reached the highest point. According to industry forecasts, China's digital TV set-top box market size in 2010 will reach 20.5 million units, which bears more than one trillion yuan market opportunities, market potential is immeasurable. The growth of cable TV set-top box has become an important way to the development of domestic set-top box business.
Satellite set-top boxes, December 16, 2008, direct broadcast satellite television receiving equipment, radio and television coverage of the tender results came out, Coship, Shanghai SVA network of Kyushu, Sichuan, Qingdao Haier, Changhong, Hisense and Fujian Shenzhou Electronic The seven successful set-top box manufacturers to share of 366.0448 million set-top boxes procurement dinner, the total purchases amounting to more than 1.3 billion yuan.
It is understood that in order to achieve the radio and television coverage, the state will invest 34 billion procurement set-top boxes based on the receiving device, complete the tasks covered by the TV blind in 2010 before the tender invested more than 1.3 billion yuan, and the remaining $ 2.1 billion will be the second phase of "every village" project in 2009, in 2010 the third period gradually completed. The national government expressly provided in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, 22 million users across the country all the popularity of satellite broadcast satellite, only 2009 and 2010, with an estimated 2009 satellite broadcast satellite market will demand more than 10 million set-top boxes.
In terrestrial digital TV, the national government prepared to invest $ 2.5 billion plan to build a nationwide digital terrestrial television system with 3-5 years. Assuming terrestrial digital TV system construction is completed on schedule, the popularity of digital terrestrial TV will mainly depend on the penetration of the terminal equipment. It is understood that the users to watch digital terrestrial TV programs to watch HDTV programs, so the future will be more high-definition set-top box market, on the other hand, due to the high prices overall and integrated digital TVs development of high-definition set-top boxes, will There are more users using one machine to watch digital TV integrated machine will also have a better market.
IPTV set-top boxes, China Telecom and China Netcom to increase investment in the development of IPTV, China Telecom in Shanghai's efforts to promote and achieved good results, I believe that in 2009, this successful experience of China Telecom will be copied to other areas . With the completion of the restructuring of telecommunications, the three giant network operators, telecom operators will continue to have the IPTV development policies and actions, IPTV development will enter an accelerated phase.
Future: The standard uniform with a bright future
For the set-top box market, we have to say - radio and television operators in this market operators. With the increasing number of digital cable TV subscribers, radio and television operators also increasingly recognize that standards are not unified set-top box has become a follow-up to develop value-added services, the set-top box production and the key factors that hinder the process of digital TV. In early 2009, the Shaanxi Broadcast & TV Network Co., Ltd. (Shaanxi Radio and Television) set up China's first joint laboratory set-top boxes unified program ", the lab will focus on the development of radio and television networks in Shaanxi own standard digital TV set-top box solution to the current Shaanxi top box brand diversification, uneven performance, system applications are not compatible with each other, after-sales service is difficult to secure. Shaanxi Radio and Television set up a "joint laboratory set-top boxes unified program can be integrated with the standard set-top boxes in the province. Shaanxi Radio and Television relevant responsible person said, the specific implementation method is through the modular design of the unified set-top box hardware to form a unified set-top box hardware specifications and hardware module interface standard. On the software side, you will achieve the rapid deployment of a variety of developments on the set-top box products of different brands and models, programs.
It is understood that only the Shaanxi province set-top box hardware solutions as many as six, set-top box has eight brands, set-top boxes of 11, complex applications, services, software solutions led to the set-top box terminal software upgrades difficult. Shaanxi set up a joint laboratory set-top boxes unified program "the ultimate goal is to make more suppliers involved, greater access to capital, technical strength, to reduce the investment risk of the operator. At the operating level, the joint laboratory set-top boxes unified program "will focus on the financial, technical strength advantage, reduce operating risk, and ultimately the formation of complementary advantages of cooperation between radio and television network operators and suppliers-win situation.
From another in terms of the cause of the plight of the cable operators now another reason: since to carry out the overall conversion of digital cable TV, pre-set-top boxes in the whole translation process are free of charge by sending a basic set-top box, With the improvement in the level of the process and digitization of the overall conversion of digital TV, the basic set-top boxes can not meet the current needs of the people's material and cultural life, the basic set-top box has come to an upgrade or replacement, and this is precisely the set-top box business another opportunity.
While it is only a province of Shaanxi during the set-top box from the standard hardware and operating aspects of integration, but we are also not difficult to see, although only a province of the action, but in the set-top box above the standard uniform, driven not only only operators value-added services, and will also drive the companies within their means and the decline in the cost of set-top boxes, which will promote the sound development of the industry as a whole overall.
I believe that with the promotion of the overall conversion of digital cable TV, and the number of users increasing and value-added services to carry out, eventually forming the unified national a network and operations may no longer just a dream, perhaps, broadcasting national network of trees has begun to bud and the sky of the set-top box market will be more broad.

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