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The world's first button on the remote control, so that you become Harry Potter

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Seen Harry Potter's friend some of his magic wand in the hands of envy, just wave can appear magical effect, and also used the the browser mouse movements users must learn more about how easy it (such as travel). But there is no need to worry, retailer Firebox has launched the world's first button remote control rods, the remote control rods can be issued according to the user's gestures corresponding command.

        With this, everyone is a Harry Potter

        Root remote control rod length 35.5cm, the built-in processor and the accelerometer, the user can set the 13 kinds of gesture commands, the remote control stick commands via infrared signal converted to the corresponding actual operation without any button. For example, the user can use it to replace the remote control TV remote control to change the channel, adjust the volume. Gesture command is also more interesting, you can set the clockwise stick to increase the volume and counter-clockwise stick to decrease the volume.

      The remote control rod programmable, the user can set according to their behavior to the corresponding command. It also has a sleep mode, it automatically enters a low power sleep mode after 60 seconds of non-operation. This button remote control rods requires two AAA batteries for its supply, only accept reservations, priced at $ 81, equivalent to 553 yuan.

      Comment: remote control and laser pointer full of magical passion and conductor in operation although technically not a revolutionary step forward, but provides us with a more convenient user experience, especially for the projector demo!

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