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The latest electronic products too fast "squeeze" environment

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March 16, the next-generation iPad in Hong Kong, China, including the world's first batch of 10 countries and regions officially on sale. IPad2 listed separated by less than a year, there are many electronic products and even a variety of products within a year, which prompted likes to chase new people also followed frequently to make their various "toys" replacement, however, recycling and other chain is not yet mature, can imagine the pressure on the environment.

Replacement ultrafast electronic products chased more than one or two, although there are some people refrained himself chasing new ideas, but more people in the face of new technology is the "grass is always greener" mentality urging continue to buy. Before the release of the new iPad, Apple CEO Tim Cook in February for media released data that the iPad's global sales reached 55 million units. Internationally renowned investment bank analysts believe that the new Apple iPad global annual sales will reach 65.6 million units. It is conceivable that the next-generation iPad will be officially listed and then caused the number of the previous generation products "backlog", "replace", "idle" mean?

High-frequency technology update behind the long-term environmental hazards

If you buy a new product just use the old-out to others better, but according to some Chinese people play bad, tired of the habit of throwing rubbish of electronic products in China is surprising speed growth.

Since the electronic waste degradation for a long time, water, soil, air and will cause serious pollution, a button battery leakage pollution six hundred thousand liters of water after the manufacture of a computer requires more than 350 kinds of harmful chemicals on humans and the environment raw material. Once thrown away as waste, will be the the environment "killer". To the current rate of replacement of electronic products, this process is constantly shorter. Elimination of electronic products in the past years, but I am afraid that in the present circumstances to become the "month".

Although the latest news shows Apple to further expand its official recycling programs, iPad2 included in the recovery list, and provide users with the recovery of preferential policies of the gift card, but it is undeniable that the intensity of the company's recycling program is still far from adequate to cover sales in the global market. If only small traders of China's e-waste site recycling or the individual hand workshops dismantling, burning, acid soaking is recycled in a manner considerations, can imagine the harm to the environment.

Attention to environmental news readers may recall, last year, Apple and other electronics manufacturers frequently accused of the production process to produce large amounts of pollution. Discover the test had a British environmental consulting firm, to produce an iPad will be generated to produce 286 pounds is equivalent to 130 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. Wide range of applications in electronic products, high-density printed circuit boards, high-energy-consuming products belonging to the high water, emit large quantities of water and gas production. If coupled with the pollution of these production processes, production and use of the hot electronic products will be the future environmental nightmare.

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